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American Male Escorts Transformed Me

My childhood was plagued by a number of problems. My parents divorced when I was nine or thereabout. My mom worked several jobs to keep up with the upkeep of my sister and I. From a tender age, I learned to cut down my appetite. I saw the flashy things that my peers had but I had to look away because it was obvious I would never have them. Keeping them in my memory was traumatic because they would keep bothering me – it was just like being tossed in a ring with a giant who you know would beat you into a pulp in seconds. I struggled through high school and it was by a slim fate that I was able to attend college. When I moved out of the house, I was aware that a tough time awaited me ahead and I had to brace up for it.

I worked multiple menial jobs like my mom. Then the recession struck and I lost a couple of them. I was back to ground zero. From being relatively OK with my finances, I was back to that spot where I have to be moving from place to place looking for a job. For several weeks, I struggled to have a proper meal. Frustration began to creep in and as expected, I became gloomy and everything seemed to irritate me. One cold evening, I dressed up, heading to nowhere in particular. Staying in the house alone made my condition worse because evil thoughts will be creeping into my mind. I hoped to make a stop at a few bars and clubs to see if they would have a position for transient staff. As I was walking down the street, a car honked and stopped beside me. I panicked. The window rolled down and the driver called my attention. Like an obedient child, I leaned forward to listen to what he had to say – excessive lack has a way of making people humble.

“Hello”, he said.

“Hi”, I responded with a faked smile.

“You can call me Danny”.

“My pleasure,” I said.

“American male escorts are having an event tonight but will need some females around. You care to join us? You will get paid for your time.”

“Of course!” I screamed. Here I was looking for a job only to have one thrown at me. Why on earth would I want to reject it?

It was a massive party. Lots of drinking and dancing. The guys were craving to dance with me after I showed off a few of my dance moves. There were very few girls around. It felt at some point like I was no longer the owner of my body because of the hands flying around my body, touching me in all places. We were wasted. When it was dawn, the guy that stopped me on the street and drove me to the venue walked up to me and thanked me for coming. He counted two thousand dollars and handed it to me. I could not believe my luck as I took the money from him. I was looking for a hundred and here I have two thousand. He thanked me again as I stood gaping at him.

“American male escorts are having a sort of get-together and training. This is the opening party. There will be the closing party in three days’ time. Same venue, same time. We would be glad to have you around again.” He looked in my eyes and locked his gaze with mine, “will you come?”

“Yes,” I said, not wanting to sound too desperate even though I was already looking forward to it. the day came and I made it to the venue. It was another two thousand dollars for me in the morning. I wanted to know more about American male escorts and after I was paid by the same guy, I asked him if he had a few minutes to spare.

“Sure,” he said.

I asked him what American male escorts were and what they did. He explained. It spiked my interest. I asked him if there was a female version.

“Of course,” he said. Immediately I wanted in. he introduced me to a couple of friends and ever since, what I did was have fun and get paid at the end of the day.

Written on: June 12, 2017 by webadmin
Category: Blog