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Coronavirus and sex. Is it safe to have sex?

As expected, in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, sex has also been affected. Lack of physical contact, from holding hands to kissing and hugging, is recommended because it is supposed to be a way of avoiding the transmission of the virus.

The fear with which this pandemic is being faced is generating many fake news around the world and making this information gain even more strength. This time around, even sex is at stake, because in the end, it is a topic of general interest among couples and among the most beautiful call girls in London.

But can having sex be a reason for some people to become infected? It is clear that many people think about this possibility quite often but are afraid to ask since it is a bold question in times of isolation and strict quarantine.

It is possible to separate myth and reality to clarify some doubts about what is or what isn’t possible in regards to sex during the Coronavirus outbreak. One thing is still true: so far there is no specific study that proves that this highly contagious virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse.

The risk remains within the proximity of the bodies, once the virus is transmitted by small droplets of saliva and secretions, via sneezing or coughing. Therefore, kissing is one way of transmitting the virus to another person, but not other practices where the mouth isn’t involved.

Everything that’s happening is real. Care is there to be taken, and Skokka, the adult advertising site that always advises safe and responsible sex, considers it’s important to speak out on the subject.

Is it safe to maintain relationships in times of COVID-19?

It is spoken clearly and openly that it is ideal not to have contact with other people at this time. However, people in isolation together, who have the same routine and are not at risk of contagion, do not, at first, have a specific prohibition. It is recommended not to leave the house and not to have contact with other people – it is time to use tools such as video calls with women from all over the world, such as the sexy escorts in the UK!

This also applies to singles, or people who do not have daily contact with their partner. Having sex with other people outside, as opposed to those living in the same space, is not recommended. The social isolation rules that still remain for the next few weeks, even if there is a lot of personal care, are still a key factor. It is the best advice for people to stay safe and not infect others.

Having sex with different people, or to be clear, with people outside the care of the same household, leads to social, and in this case, intimate, interaction. That is, it greatly increases the possibility of being infected by someone who may have the virus.

It doesn’t seem to be transmitted by sex, but there are precautions

The virus of loneliness… It’s time to rethink the good sex life and think about what the values of having good sex are.

When contact with other people is not possible, many couples rewrite their erotic lifestyles. Many people have become creative. Using your imagination is the best way to have fun without being face to face with your partner or Watford escort of your choice. This is also true for relationships that are in quarantine together every day.

It is also important to remember that during this time some people may be discovering that they or their partners have different libidos. It’s a good idea to think about it when you find yourself in a situation, like those who used to have only one date a week and suddenly have to share the same roof 24 hours a day…

The most important thing, of course, is to calm everyone down. It is important to communicate in a respectful and understanding manner. It is time to discover that living together, or not having relationships as often as before, does not mean the end of the world.

Let’s each discover a way to take everything with a good perspective!

Written on: October 7, 2020 by webadmin
Category: Blog