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I Like Running Escort Agencies

I like running escort agencies. It is fun, interesting and not that difficult. It takes a lot of concentrated effort over a long period of time to make it successful, especially to get the web site nice and high so that people see it. But once you have done that, the day to day running of the business is pretty straightforward. Talk to clients, recruit escorts who contact you to represent them, collect the escort agency fees, keep the advertising going. Other than that, it is the usual business stuff like keeping the books, doing the banking, paying the taxes, all that sort of thing.

Having worked in a lot of industries before – including recruitment, logistics and retailing – the thing I like most about the escort agency industry, actually the sex industry as a whole, is a single thing. And it is not one that you might expect. It is that compared to pretty much any other industry I have worked, the escort agency industry is honest. There you go, told you that you would not expect it. Most people would not expect that a business with Tenerife escorts could be described as more honest than recruitment or logistics. But is is. Everyone knows what they want and expect, and everyone is totally up front about delivering it.

My escort agencies are one hundred per cent legitimate and we do not work with girls who have been trafficked. And we absolutely do not traffic girls. We just have too many new escort girls contacting us and asking us to represent them to need to do anything like that. So the girls we work with are all volunteers and professionals. And our receptionists do as much as possible to make sure that we only work with clients who are the kind of people that we want to work with. Not too stoned, not misogynistic, not into any kind of stuff that the girls do not want to offer as a service. Obviously they can never make a hundred per cent certain, but they do their best to ensure that our escort girls only party with nice and decent clients. So the clients are cool, the girls are cool and by definition our staff are cool. It is a lot better than working with most of the ass holes I have worked with previously.

Written on: July 18, 2018 by webadmin
Category: Blog