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Post-Breakup Dating Guide: How To Start Dating Again?

Painful breakups are no joke. They are both physically and mentally draining. You end up spending months mending your broken heart and tending to your bruised ego.

It becomes difficult to move on, and almost everything reminds you of the beautiful time you spent together. As a result, you want to stay curled up in your bed and sob your heart out. But, will that make you feel better? No! It won’t.

It is certainly not the end of the world, and simply crying over spilled milk will get you nowhere. The best way out is to rise from your ashes like a phoenix and move on.

To know whether you are ready to find love again, it is necessary to reflect on the mistakes you made in your past relationships. Of course, it was not entirely your mistake. But, identifying your fault will help you avoid the same in your next relationships.

If you have moved past the painful phase of a breakup and are contemplating whether you are ready for the next relationship, ask yourself a few questions.


1. Do I Feel Secure About Who I Am As A Person?

It is natural to suffer from a sense of insecurity after a breakup. You will feel, “ Maybe I am unworthy of a relationship,” “Maybe it was entirely my fault,” “Do I deserve to get into a relationship?” and so on.

Steer clear of all these negative, self-deprecating thoughts about yourself. Learn to deal with your insecurity and start loving yourself for who you are. Well, unless you believe in yourself, there is no point in getting into a new relationship.

It would help if you worked on becoming a better version of yourself. Know your value and do not let anyone look down on you.

Also, do not let the fear of being alone overwhelm you. It is better to be single than be in the wrong relationship. You need to be self-reflective and boost your self-confidence.

2. Have I Identified My Mistakes?

Well, if you moved on too soon, that means that you didn’t spend enough time reflecting on your mistakes. This might cost you heavily. Thus, after a breakup, the first thing you should do is identify your weaknesses and work on them.

Sit back and think about what caused the breakup? Was your partner not making you feel secure enough? Did they cheat on you? What exactly went wrong?

Well, if your partner took advantage of you, be strong enough never to let it happen again. Also, learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them.

3. Do I Have Commitment Issues?

If this is your fourth breakup in a year, you can easily conclude that you have commitment issues.

If that’s the case, do not enter any new relationship until you resolve this problem. As an alternative, you can hire the services of an escort. With them, you can have no-strings-attached relationships with no commitment involved.

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Now that you know the essential questions to ask yourself, you are ready to date again. Make sure to follow the few essential tips.


Tip #1: Don’t Compare Your Date To Your Ex

Nothing can be worse than comparing your dates to your ex. It is a very unhealthy habit that you need to get rid of as soon as possible. You have left that relationship behind and have successfully moved on. Then, why claw at your old wounds?

Also, make it a point not to talk about your past relationships before your date. Do not make the grave mistake of flaunting your ex’s good qualities. Let the date be only about you two.

Tip #2: Take Things Slow

If you jump from one relationship to another, you must sit back and reflect on the things that went wrong in your past relationship. Do not let peer pressure force you to go on dates. Take your time and do not rush into any relationship.

Tip #3: Set Realistic Expectations

Do not be over-optimistic about your dates. Have a realistic outlook. Also, you should not expect to find love right on your first date.

Know that finding the right partner takes time. There is nothing wrong with being single till Mr. or Miss Perfect arrives in your life. Also, as mentioned above, give yourself ample time to heal. You wouldn’t want to screw up your relationship with your new partner because you’re stuck in the past.

Tip #4: Be Your Authentic Self

Pretense will not get you anywhere so do not be ashamed to be your true self in a relationship. Your partner will be with you for the long run, and hence pretending to be someone else will take you nowhere because sooner or later,  your true nature will come out. Then, the relationship will be on the rocks. So, it is better to be your authentic self right from the start. Genuinity is the hallmark of the relationship.

Also, remember to create some balance in your life and focus on new things. Cultivating a hobby, joining any new classes, and doing regular exercises will help refresh your mind.


Before entering a relationship, make sure to listen to what your heart says. Also, make it a point to trust your instincts. When dating a new person, you need to pay attention to the vibes they give.

If your heart races looking at your partner and you don’t think of your past relationships anymore, know that this person is right for you.

Whether you want to get into a relationship again or want to stay single, the decision is yours. Put your happiness and yourself before everything else when making a difficult choice. You need to learn to make yourself a priority.

Written on: December 18, 2020 by webadmin
Category: Blog