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Rising male escort jobs in demand

Some trends never change, and for male escort jobs, the trend has always been a sudden rise in demand during festivities. Of all the festivities, Valentine’s Day ranks the top in demand. For the past three years and some months, I have been in this industry, the trend has always been the same. February 14, 2018, was not any different.

While some escorts started having a taste of the increased demand for male escort jobs on Valentine’s Day, mine started two days earlier. On off season times, I mean the months without any major celebration, I usually get maybe two clients in a week – at most.

However, I had three successive clients from the 12th to the 14th of February 2018. I think this is something pretty different about this year. It has never happened throughout my years of being in the industry.

This post is really not about me or my history in the industry, it is rather about the special women I served during the past few days and what the experience was for us. The first two were in their early twenties. It was only the last client that was in her early thirties. The experience with her was a little different too compared to the younger clients.

It was easy to figure out that younger clients searching for male escort jobs, especially during Valentine were curious and needed someone to help them out.

12th February 2018

I got a call from a client who just turned twenty. As we spend time together in one of the parks engaging in several outdoor activities, she made me understand that she just turned twenty. I was excited for her. That day was actually her birthday, and as a surprise, she wanted to say yes to her long-time admirer.

I was chaffed hearing that from her. The way she said everything was so romantic that it made me want to cry. I really desired I was the lucky guy. She wanted to accept his proposal on Valentine’s Day and had taken to male escort jobs to find out what she should expect from a relationship – if there was a sacred scroll binding a relationship.

I gave her the advice I would give my daughter on the day she would introduce her boyfriend to me, “The beauty of a relationship is being yourself and enjoying the experience. You don’t have to pretend or mold yourself into something you would never be proud of. If he is the right person, he will be proud of you”.

13th February 2018

She was 21. It was the first time she was celebrating Valentine with a boyfriend. She had dated a couple of guys, but none of them had lasted beyond two months. This was her first date that has stretched into nine months, and she was pretty excited. She was already seeing a future with her prince charming and couldn’t stop talking about him all the way.

I get so emotional when I find people in love. Growing up in a broken home where my parents fought all the time, one thing that I always yearned for was love – and that was the only thing that I couldn’t have. So, you can imagine how emotional I become when I see people who have this precious gift?

The reason why this young lady sought male escort jobs is to help her decide which present was the best for her to get for her man. She wanted to know what men appreciated and decided the best person to give such advice would be a man.

It was an honour for me to be able to help. I gave her a few suggestions of the presents I would buy if I were a girl. She appreciated my advice.

14th February 2018

It was Valentine’s Day, and as early as 8 am, I was already getting hits from women looking for male escort jobs.  My client was a lady in her early thirties. After going through a failed marriage, she was desperately looking for emotional support.

With her the experience was different. We just curled up ourselves on the couch and cuddled until it was my time to go. It’s really exciting to make others happy.

Written on: February 22, 2018 by webadmin
Category: Blog