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It is a well known fact that power is sexy. Henry Kissinger said that “Power is the greatest aphrodisiac.” And looking like him and bagging the women he did, then he must have known a thing or two about it. And how else could anyone explain the success of Donald Trump with women? It sure as hell has nothing to do with his charm, wit, handsome face or physical attributes. Of course, you could say that money is a greater aphrodisiac, but it is equally well known that money has the potential to give you power. And power will normally get you money – ethically, legally or not – I am sure that President Trump (God, I hate writing that!) is happy to take his money and power any way that he can get it.

Power may get you sex. And it may get you sex with women more beautiful, sexy and desirable than would normally be in your range. But here is the other side of the equation that most people either ignore or are not willing to recognise – the absolute fact that sex is power. Sexy women have a power over men – and women – that is easy to see and absolutely real. The sexy escort girls who work in Malaga with 2nd Circle have real power over men. And the best of them exercise it with discretion and grace. But they definitely exercise it. Their power over men is most easily seen in their ability to get large sums of money in return for their time and companionship from men who could probably go and get a woman with little or no effort. OK, they would still have to spend some money, but the transaction would not be as explicit.

Se x is power. The ability to provide it and the ability to deny or withhold it. Every woman knows that. Though they might not admit it to themselves explicitly and openly, even to themselves. And men know that women have that power over them. Even if they are not willing to admit it to themselves, because acknowledging it would make them weak. And no man wants to feel weak. Especially not men who are powerful.

Written on: May 19, 2018 by webadmin
Category: 18+ Health Tips