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Stiff competition in male escort jobs

When I look at male escort jobs of today, I can’t help but wonder how things moved so fast from what it used to be ten years ago to the present state where male escort jobs are becoming so difficult to get. The difficulty in getting male escort jobs has made many men to increase the standard of their recruitment process. In my opinion, I think this is something that should have been done a long time ago. The proliferation of male escort agencies led to the recruitment of youngsters without experience – even worse is that some of them are not teachable. They tow the wrong path and refuse to take advice from those who have been in the job longer than them.

Their gross misconduct made many clients and prospective clients to lose their trust and respect for male escorts. When I first joined the male escort agency ten years ago, we were the one rejecting jobs. Sometimes there were more male escort jobs than male escorts and the application for male escorts was perpetually open by my agency. Today the story is entirely different. From making an easy living from working as a male escort, I am in a position where I have to struggle to keep up with my bills. There are times when I have been forced to borrow from friends.

I discussed the challenges I have been facing recently with a friend and his opinion was different. He said, “I do not subscribe to the idea that recruitment of inexperienced youngsters is the problem but over recruiting.” He buttressed his point with a scenario, “imagine living in a house where you were the only one doing the dishes and then you get paid for it. Then, from nowhere, two other people were brought in to do the dishes with you and then everyone was paid depending on the amount of dishes they were able to do. The sad part of the story is that the amount of dishes did not increase, just the works.”

I totally understand his point and I guess it is part of the reason why male escort jobs have become so difficult. The number of male escort users has not increased but the number of those coming in to become male escorts has almost tripled to three times what it was when I first joined the industry. I think the male escort agencies should put aside recruiting more male escorts for now so that those who are already in the system can make a living. The increase in competition can act against the male escorts and hand the clients undue power against the male escorts – it may come to the point where male escorts will be grossly underpaid with the threat that the next male escort will be hired if they dared to decline.

The unemployment rate is making things worse for male escorts. Young men are looking for a means of livelihood which is why they have initiated male escort jobs. Unlike in the past when ninety-five percent of people who joined male escort did so out of passion, today, close to sixty percent do so because they could not get jobs and are looking for an “easy” way out of their economic jeopardy. The problem with this is that when they get in, they will discover that it was not as “easy” as they thought and they either quit or begin to mess up the agency – and the latter is mostly the case. Let’s face it, it is almost impossible to succeed at any job if you do not have passion for it or figure out a way to love it as fast as you can.

I am in support of any procedure that will be employed to stiffen the male escort jobs recruitment process. The right kind of Male Escort Agency can help you get the variety of options when looking for job in male escort industry. This will ensure that those who get in are genuinely in love with male escort jobs rather than looking at it as a means to an end. Also, male escort agencies should look for suitable ways to expand the client base of the respective male escorts so that they do not need to depend on only the small amount of clients already present in the system. It has come to the critical point where we either expand or die.

Written on: March 7, 2017 by webadmin
Category: Blog