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The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Escort Industry

In these uneasy times and the rising threat of the coronavirus, businesses the world over are starting to feel the pressure. With fewer customers either through establishment closure or self-isolation, business is starting to suffer. The escort industry has become a lot quieter according to TopEscortBabes.

Escort work depends on social intimacy and interaction, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus and the coronavirus disease Covid-19, these elements are highly discouraged. Through the act of social distancing, escorts are losing business, a business that depends on socializing which doesn’t allow for social distance. Social distancing requires people to keep at least two feet apart and/or shun human contact altogether.

The problems of social distancing for escorts are the same as any other industry: capital investment. Because of these problems, escorts are losing their income and for professional escort agencies that work through a booking system and take payment thus, they will inevitably fall into or experience various debt or money management issues. Some agencies may even fold.

Another issue faced by escorts is coming into contact with the virus itself. With home test kits yet to be a material product and with self-quarantine on the rise, escort callouts may spike. But with no way to tell if a person has the coronavirus until symptoms have shown – and this can take up to two weeks from originally contracting the virus – it makes life uncertain and difficult for escorts to not only bring in an income but to also minimizing the risk of infection.

Another issue is the lack of available testing for people with Covid-19 symptoms. It could potentially be a lifeline for escorts to go only to clients who can produce evidence of being coronavirus free, but that is a pipedream since no such test exists. The coronavirus, like with other social contact industries, has effectively overpowered the continuation and function of escorts and it will continue to do so until it has disappeared or diminished. And for those that do continue on in spite of the health threat, do so at the risk of infection and further spreading the virus.

There is no easy way around it.

In all likelihood, escort agencies will suspend companion activities during this time, but escorts who operate through direct contact operations (personal phone, email or text bookings rather than through an agency) will be free to continue at their own digression.

It is really with database escorts where the most risk lies. Because database escorts can be employed through direct contact operation, it is only the escort who can make the call of whether to honor the request of companionship or not. That one request could be a lifeline for an escort who needs income but it could also be a potential death sentence.

While pressure on the escort agency is all too real and people will want to carry on with their normal lives, the threat that the coronavirus poses should not be underestimated. Follow government guidelines and maintain heightened hygiene practices. It is the only way to prevent further spread of the worst pandemic in the 21st century.

Written on: March 23, 2020 by webadmin
Category: 18+ Health Tips