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Things You Should Do to Get in Good With Your London Escort

Sure, you’re paying for her time, but getting her to like you has its benefits

Whether it’s your first time with escorts, or you’re wanting this date to go a bit smoother than the last, we’ve got the goods on how to get on her good side. We spoke to one of West London’s finest escorts at Amy’s Escorts London to tell us what it is that makes a client her favorite.

One of the first things we did for Alicia, was keep her name private. In not using her real name, we showed respect for her profession and her privacy. Which is one of the best things you can do as a client.


“Don’t get me wrong, i love it when clients give me a good review or tell their friends about a nice experience, but respect for my personal privacy and boundaries is the number one things clients can do to make me happy.” Most likely the quickest way to get a date to turn sour is pressing escorts in West London for personal information. It does make those first few moments a bit awkward for some newer clients. Without the standard ice breakers, is often difficult to know what to talk about.
Instead of starting with “So what do you do?” As this is pretty much a known quantity, instead ask about her interests and likes. In UK escorting, it’s rare that you’ll want to break the fourth wall. “Many of my clients opt for the Girlfriend Experience, so it’s not exactly helpful to sit and talk about what got me into escorting, or how many clients I see.” Alicia says that instead, it’s much easier to talk about things you both enjoy.

Be a Gentleman

“I think the most respectful and sexy thing a client can do is to just be kind. I’m a complete romantic. I love being treated like a lady. Open doors for me, take me out to dinner. Even bringing something like flowers or chocolates along is a nice touch.” Alicia and most all west London escorts enjoy being treated chivalrously.
“Even if we have other plans, like for certain sub-dom type fetishes, it’s still nice to be treated well. And chances are, that if we have already arranged for a specific type of encounter, we’ll have gone over your likes and dislikes as well as some sort of a script.” Going off book is fine, but always toe the line of the script that has been previously agreed upon. Make sure that when you book with your London Escort agency, that you tell them in fine detail what you’re looking for. This allows your escort to be better equipped to treat you exactly as you’d like.

Don’t Be Nervous

While it’s perfectly understandable that just about everyone gets a jolt of nerves before a date with an escort, remember that they are there to meet your needs. “Everything I do is for the client. I spend so much of my time and money ensuring that I look exactly the way the client wants, that I can meet their personal needs in the ways they need them met.”
Alicia says that while it’s okay to be nervous, don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want. “I don’t bite,” she laughs. “Unless you really want me to. I am there for you. If you want to talk about what’s bothering you, or any stresses you might be under, it’s okay. If you just want a very impersonal encounter, that’s okay too. When you book a west London escort, you’re booking ‘me time’. That means that whatever time we have together is 100% about you.” Alicia says that most of her clients come to her because they rarely get a chance to do something nice for themselves, which is what she aims to fix. “There is no judgment here. Be kind, be respectful, and I will return these things to you tenfold.”

Hygiene is Top Priority

“Please don’t forget that our appointment is two things: One, it is a date, so act accordingly. Two, it is my profession, which means I have professional standards I have to adhere to.” Alicia tells us that nothing is more encouraging than when she meets her date and he looks clean and excited. “Looking nice, taking the time to shower and shave, this is an instant identifier of respect. It shows me that you’re just as excited about our time together as I am.”
Every west London escort will expect clients to shower before the culmination of their date. “It’s not meant to be offensive. I’m not trying to tell you that you’re dirty, or that you smell badly. Showering before our time together is a professional standard, even if you showered 30 minutes before you showed up.” That being said, you should always shower before a date. Put on your finest clothes, and prepare yourself for an excellent night. “Taking the time to care about your appearance says that you’re taking your time to care about me.”

Written on: November 27, 2019 by webadmin
Category: Blog