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Tomatoes And Escorts

The “Tomatina” started on the last Wednesday of August in nineteen forty five when some young people spent their time in the town square to attend the Giants and Big Heads parade. The young boys decided to have a place among the parade. The presence of these young people made one participant fall off. The participant flew into a fit of rage and started to hit everything in his path. There was a market stall of vegetables that fell victim to the furious crowd. People started to pelt each other with tomatoes until the local police ended the vegetable battle.

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It reminds me of the situation that many professional high class escorts find themselves in. Things start out all quiet and fine and then suddenly they escalate for no apparent reason. So a girl who escorts Las Palmas holiday makers has to be ready for anything at any time. Tomato fights are not exactly a regular thing, but I have known soap, drinks, condoms and all sottd of other things to get thrown in a hotel room.

Anyway, back to the Tomatina. The following year, the young people picked a quarrel deliberately and came loaded with their own tomatoes from home. Although the police broke up the soon-to-be tradition in the first few years, the young boys had made history without being conscious of it.

La Tomatina was banned in the early nineteen fifties, which was not a problem for the participants even though they were arrested each year. But the eventually, even in the fascist era the peoples will was heard and the festivity was allowed. And the number of people attending grew each year and the frenzy increased each year.

One time when the festival was cancelled, in nineteen fifty seven, as a sign of protest, the tomato burial festival was held. It was a deomstration in which residents carried a coffin with a huge tomato inside. The parade was accompanied by a band which played funeral marches and it was a raging success. The La Tomatina festival was eventually fully legalised and allowed and became an official festival. As a result of a report by journalist Javier Basilio on Spanish television, the festival became famous in the rest of Spain.

Since then the fame has spread world wide and the number of participants grows each year. In two thousand and two it was awarded a special status by the Minstry of Tourism. And all from a raging idiot throwing vegetables at some rowdy teenagers.

Written on: August 23, 2018 by webadmin
Category: Blog