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What is it like with a Thai Ladyboy Escort?

We know how you dream about experiencing some pleasurable time in bed with a Thai ladyboy escort. You even visualise making love with one, imagining she is a girl.

Difference between a Thai Escort and a Ladyboy

Well, yes, there’s a lot of difference between a Thai escort girl and a ladyboy! So how will you identify who’ who? So before you hook up with someone, learn some essential characteristics common in ladyboy escorts.

  • Behaviour and Attitude. The main factor that dominates in a ladyboy is her behaviour. A ladyboy, unlike an escort girl, will generally be more straightforward and a bit more pushing. She will get straight to the point and will do what she wants right away, without wasting any time in random passionate moments.
  • Voice. The next factor that determines whether the escort you have hired is a ladyboy or a girl is, of course, her voice. Ladyboys generally tend to speak in a higher and low-pitched voice compared to the girls. You may find it difficult to tell the difference between them at first, especially if you are visiting Thailand for the first time. However, you will soon be able to recognise ladyboys within a few months of stay.
  • Hands. A ladyboy would have bigger hands than girls, not only in Thailand but in any part of the world. Also, take her hand to check whether her skin is soft and smooth, which a typical ladyboy would lack. Moreover, the latter would always put more pressure on you with her hands, and you will feel it, which you usually won’t find in a girl. The ring finger, too, is longer than the index finger in ladyboys, while it is shorter than the index finger in girls.
  • Adam’s Apple. This is the most prominent distinguisher – a ladyboy would have an Adam’s Apple, unlike a lady. Also, they will try to put on way more make-up than an escort girl would typically do, to hide their Adam’s Apple.

While these are some of the significant indicators to tell the difference between Thai ladyboy escorts and Thai girls, if you are still confused though, don’t hesitate to ask directly. Most ladyboys are truthful and will answer your question honestly. However, it is advisable to visit an escort agency that will separate ladyboys and girls and have individual sections for each.

How to Have Fun with Thai Ladyboy Escorts?


There is a higher concentration of ladyboys or shemales in Thailand than in any other part of the world. You may have ended up finding a suitable transvestite for yourself. However, if you are confused about where to start, you can take the help of this brief guide to indulge in sexual activities with ladyboy sexy girls.

  • They are fun. Bangkok ladyboy escort agencies offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience in bed which you will cherish forever. These guys are fun-loving and take every measure to make the night enjoyable for you. From toys and role-playing to cross-dressing, the entire time spent with them is like a dream come true.
  • They don’t delay the action. Ladyboys don’t like to spend too much time in creating an erotic mood before actually having sex. They know precisely how to hit the bull’s eye and how to implement a vast range of unique and kinky fantasies, thus catering to all your desires and passions.
  • They will address your darkest desires. There are ladyboys specialised and trained to carry out your unique fantasies. So if you have ever thought of tying up your partner or acting as the dominant mate, you can explore such possibilities with a Thai ladyboy.
  • They are feminine and beautiful. If you are thinking of making out with a Thai ladyboy and at the same time confused whether she will appease your cravings, hiring a ladyboy from Thailand will be the right choice. They are experienced in rendering complete satisfaction to their clients and at the same time, would provide you with a girlfriend experience.
  • A variety of clients. Whether you are heterosexual or gay, ladyboys in Thailand have expertise in gratifying both men and women. Some want to experience with them for the first time, while others like to add variations to spark up their sexual life.

So the next time plan of taking ladyboy bar girls or ladyboy street hookers to your bedroom, do make sure to visit an agency dealing with a host of beautiful ones, thus offering a whole new exciting and sensational experience.

It is better to hire her from an agency than to pick her from a bar as you will generally end up spending more in buying her drinks and other stuff. Moreover, most agencies would also include ladyboy massage services within the package you have opted.

Written on: February 18, 2020 by webadmin
Category: Blog