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When An Escort Gets Naked, A Client Gets Happy

A client who is grumpy, unhappy, stressed out or just plain pissed off when they open the door to greet the escort who has turned up at their hotel room or apartment. It happens to every professional high class escort at some time and for all sorts of different reasons. Sometimes they have booked an escort girl in the hope that she will lift his mood. Other times something has happened in between the male client making their booking and the escort girl arriving that has changed their mood for the worse. On other occassions, the escort agency has made a mistake and sent an escort girl who does not match what the client wanted. A petite brunette with preky little boobs is replaced by a six foot tall red headed athletic amazonian Goddess with big boobs designed to make a man feast on them like an all you can eat buffet.

So what does an experienced and highly skilled professional escort girl do in those situations? The exact details vary, but it basically consists of the same few steps. All Madrid escorts know them and has used them effectively during some, or every, encounter with a male client. Smile seductively. Compliment the male client on something specific – his shirt, shoes, hotel room, taste in drinks, anything. Get naked – preferably during a strip tease show or a lap dance. And get his cock in your mouth.

Let us be perfectly honest here, few men manage to maintain a bad mood while their erect penis is housed in the mouth of a beautiful woman and receiving the licking, sucking and servicing of its life. As the old saying goes, “an erect penis has no conscience”. Nor does it feel much stress or other negative emotions. And an erect and happy passes its devil may care attitude onto the larger brother that it is attached to.

It is a good way to get past the whining and complaining and get on with the encounter, without risking peeing your client off client in the process. It is, after all, extremely likely that you are going to end up in totally naked anyway during a booking as a professional high class escort girl, so speeding up this part of the booking will do no harm. And by the way, once his cock is happy hard and excited, if the escort girl has not been paid yet, now is the time that she will be able to get her fee with no trouble at all.

Written on: September 10, 2018 by webadmin
Category: Blog