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Why Men Book Escorts After Marriage?

Well, indeed a heart-sinking truth for you ladies, but yes, your man might seek to add some extra spice to his sex life outside marriage. In fact, most men are constantly searching for it, which might leave you wondering what is it that you are unable to offer your husband.

The fact is it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is lacking in your married life. Things might go absolutely well for both of you, and you guys might have a wonderful sex life too. But there are other aspects too that become the driving force behind a married man to book an escort.

Top 5 Reasons Your Husband Might Book an Escort

Before you start hating your man already, you need to go through the following reasons he desires to spend some beautiful moments with a seductive companion.

  • One woman is not enough. It’s a harsh truth that most men think about having sex almost all the time. And one woman isn’t just enough to appease his erotic hunger, no matter how attractive and sexy she might be. It’s just that men want variety, and they want to explore every possible way to keep their sex life dynamic and active.
  • He is not getting enough sex at home. They often complain that three or four times a week is hardly enough. Yes, I know how tiresome and exhaustive it might sound for you. But for a man, it is just not sufficient. They look for innovative ways to drive their sensual urges and twice or thrice a week isn’t going to get them there. They look for it almost every day to help them reduce their stress levels and give a fresh start to the busy schedules of the following day.
  • They look for intimacy. Not all men simply look for kinky sex; they desire someone to be intimate with. Many men miss the feeling of being with a girlfriend, probably having a bit of sex and then merely falling asleep in each other’s arms. Such incredible moments might often be left out in married life. Others simply like the feeling of having a great night with a beautiful woman who is ready to hear them out and provide some mental support to calm their pent up minds. So if a man is paying an escort for her services, it’s not always for having intercourse.
  • Busy and hectic work schedules. Some men work under tremendous pressure every day, and they really look for something that can freshen up their mood. Studies show that most married men don’t find peace at home, especially after having children, and so they seek mental as well as physical gratification outside. Moreover, men want to have complete focus and attention at times, which they might find lacking at home.
  • They want to try out different techniques. Often, men don’t find satisfaction with their wives as they are at most of the time, unable to discuss their desires. Men do have wild passions, and they really can’t rest till they accomplish them. There are escorts in London who satisfy men in every way possible, and men simply can’t resist themselves.
  • It might even save your marriage! Yes, having sex with a gorgeous escort is likely to satisfy your husband’s sexual desires which you might deny him. In this way, it won’t make your man angry, thus preventing him from starting an argument or even becoming too frustrated. Enjoying a few nights with professional Asian Escorts in London is not a very bad idea, as far as your husband is not ditching you emotionally.

It is okay to let your husband have his way at times as things would take an opposite turn if you try to be too harsh on him. All you need to do is be a little understanding on your part and try to listen to what he wants from you.

Written on: January 7, 2020 by webadmin
Category: Asian Escorts