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Q: Can I Pay with a credit Card

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not offer this facility.

Q: What time do you guys work until

As stated on the websites we open at Midday & close at 5am 7 days a week all year round.

Q: How long in advance will I need to book

This will depend on the situation we cannot promise that your chosen escort will be available when you call & for longer term appointments it is indeed wise to book well in advance.

Q: What if I don’t like my escort on arrival to my home/hotel

We encourage all ladies to upload a video this will give you a feel for them. We also encourage you to read any reviews that they have. At JfM we don’t just take on anybody & we wish to provide all our friends with a positive customer experience. We will access ever situation as it presents. Please understand that everybody has good & bad days.

Q: How do I know my details are going to be kept private by you guys

We can 100% guarantee privacy when dealing with us in fact we swear by it. That said like with anything just please be careful with the information you exchange on your booking. It is always better to keep things as private as you can. We understand under the circumstances some people may be a bit open with information. Our girls are very carefully chosen however always better not to divulge to much information without getting to know the person very well.

Q: Do I have to tip my escort after meeting

This in entirely up to yourself & at your full discretion.

Q: What if a lady wants me to swap numbers with her

We don’t advise this behaviour at all & no person in our agency is permitted to be handing out numbers. All of the escorts who are advertised on JFM are indeed free individuals however this could in fact lead to a lady getting banned from our agency. Furthermore, when we suspect it or it is reported to us & we take this very seriously. We are honest people & work hard so we will not work with dishonest people.

Q: Why should I choose JFM over another agency

We have many reasons. The main reason is we value our customer & we endeavour to offer you the best CX (customer experience) POSSIBLE. We also pay very strong attention to privacy issues. We are the fastest growing agency for a reason. We listen to both positive & negative feedback & always are aiming to improve & provide you with the very best experience.

Q: I am not in London can I still book a lady to travel

Yes, this is of course possible please use our booking forum or call us to discuss. You will have to go through our verification process in order for us to set this up for you.

Q: Can I pay in Bitcoin

We are sorry we don’t accept any type of cryptocurrency at the moment this may however change in the future.

Q: Why do I have to provide all the information when requesting for an outcall.

This of course can be a concern to many clients in a nutshell it is for security reasons & to check if you are a genuine client or just a time waster. It is very common in this industry to encounter such people.

Q: Is the rota updated on a regular basis

Yes, this section of the website is fundamental to us & we will always keep it updated.

Q: How do I know the images are not fake & that I will get to see the person I have booked

We have very many ways to make sure that you are going to meet the person you have requested to meet. We can’t say this often or strongly enough we do not tolerate fake images or inaccurate profiles on our website.

Q: I am with my friends can we see an escort together

We get this request very often mostly at night time due to safety concerns we will not send a lady to a room that has or we feel has more than one person inside. However, some girls may be interested in offering this service we strongly advise them against it & this is not what we offer or promote.

Q: London is a big city how far will a girl travel to see me

We do offer outcall across London although in our experience girls do not want to travel to far from central London & especially at night time & of course fees will be higher.

Q: Can I extend my booking at short notice

Yes of course this can be done once you make direct contact with the agency stating the duration of the time extension. In most cases the girl will have contacted the reception team to advise of this.

Q: I have to cancel at short notice is this a problem for you guys

Of course not we fully understand plans for anybody can change at a moment’s notice.

Q: Whats the deal with this escort club

We just have decided to do something a little bit different which no doubt will be copied at some stage it is just a little way of rewarding from time to time further details are to follow. You will have chance to win free booking from time to time & Loyalty points which will build up for extra benefits it is really just something we came up with to show our gratitude for your valued custom.