Prostitution and Escorting in the UK

Prostitution and Escorting in the UK

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Whatever might be your moral stance, it is important to know that prostitution and escorting have been regarded as one of the oldest businesses in the world. In fact, the exchange of sexual pleasures is considered as old as the concept of religions or worship. The history of the upper class prostitution –given the name as “escort services,” also reaches its origin way back in time.

What is a Prostitute?

A prostitute is defined as an individual who sells sex in exchange for some monetary or other benefits. Prostitution is referred to as the process or business of engaging oneself in sexual activities in exchange for some payment. Prostitution also goes by other names like colloquially, hooking, sexual services, or commercial sex. The act of prostitution can occur in several types, and its legal status varies from one country to another.

What is an Escort?

In most circumstances, an escort is an upper class prostitute delivering intimate services in exchange for money or other benefits. The escort might or might not involve oneself in sexual activities with the one who hires him or her. The person working as a professional escort is known to provide provocative services that might not essentially go to the limit of getting involved in sex. This type of worker is known to provide exclusive services to the clients in return for payment –including intimate dates, girlfriend experiences, intellectual stimulation, and/or spending quality time with someone.


History of Prostitution in the UK

In the United Kingdom, proof of the existence of prostitution is imparted by the discovery of the Roman “Spintria” – a small token made of bronze that depicts a man & a woman engaged in some form of sexual act. The evidence was discovered along the banks of the River Thames in the UK. The scholars suggest that these bronze spintria or tokens were used in the form of brothel tokens and permitted entry into the brothels in the city.

Spintria” – a small token made of bronze

Hailing from the medieval period, prostitution in the United Kingdom has had several instances that verify its existence in people’s lives from the times immemorial. During the medieval period, most of the brothels in London, UK were located alongside Southwark. During 1161, the kingship of Henry II granted license to prostitution in the area by allowing the set-up of brothels all around. Most of the towns and cities in the United Kingdom during the medieval era had brothels and prostitution was a lucrative, entertaining business prospective during the time.

After passing down through ages, the 21st century witnessed the rise of prostitutes from foreign lands in the United Kingdom. However, this led to concerns like forced prostitution and human trafficking. As such, the Sexual Offences Act in 2003 in the United Kingdom made sex trafficking a punishable offense.

History of Escorting in the UK

For analyzing the history of escorting services in the United Kingdom, let us travel back in time. During 4th century BC in surrounding areas of the UK, including Greece, marriage was not about love. It was more of some kind of business arrangement between two families. As such, prostitution was made legal and was accepted socially.

Back in time, there were two kinds of sensual services available –the normal woman who can be bought for sex (known as “porne”) and provided sexual services behind closed doors, and the ones referred to as “hetaira” (hetaera). Hetaera were immensely seductive and beautiful women who delivered something more than just sex for monetary benefits. Most of these women were highly skilled entertainers and were known for enchanting their guests with skills like poetry, dancing, music, and other sorts of sensual pleasures.

hetaira - seductive and beautiful women who delivered something more than just sex

Following their legacy, the modern-day escorts are also known to deliver additional value-added services including GFE (Girlfriend Experiences), going on special dates, parties, and entertaining the clients with special erotic services like massages and so more.

What is the Difference in Services?

Though most of the individuals out there consider prostitution and escort services to be similar in nature, it is important to know that they are distinctively different from each other. In comparison to prostitution, escort services are usually meant for high-end, top-class intimate services. Some of the major points of differences between the services offered by the two include:

  • An escort is known to provide emotional companionship as well as quality time to the client. There might or might not be the involvement of sex during the services. The escort is also known to accompany the clients to different places. She would stay with the client at high-end luxury hotels, have dinner with him at expensive restaurants,they can be your escort companion for parties, talk intimately to the client, or even go out on a short vacation. On the other hand, a prostitute is known to just provide sex for money. She would not deliver exceptional services to the clients other than sex.
  • Escorts are professional service providers. You are required to hire them from professional, reputed escort agencies out there. Moreover, the clients are also required to book the escorts in advance and pay the desired amount. On the other hand, prostitution is quite common in the “red light areas” of any city. Moreover, the prostitutes are also known to provide cheap services as they can be easily bargained for money.
  • Most of the escort services in the world are legal as people are paying for companionship and not sex. On the other hand, prostitution is still considered illegal in most parts of the world. This is the reason prostitutes are known to work under the shadows.
  • Most of the escorts delivering intimate services are well-educated and come from high-end backgrounds. They are well-aware of the high-class etiquettes, and thus, they easily adapt themselves to the luxury lifestyle offered by the clients. They are well-groomed and trained to behave properly as well as intelligently in social groups.

Some escorts are also known to act as an intimate girlfriend and deliver the intimacy that a man expects out of a lover. On the other hand, the prostitutes are not given any thorough training and simply use their own ability to please the clients.

What Makes Both Different by Legalization Terms?

In most of the countries, prostitution is still illegal while escort services offered by some reliable escort agency are regarded as legal. In the United Kingdom, the Policing & Crime Act of 2009 along with the 2003 Sexual Offences Act have replaced most of the previous legalization laws with respect to prostitution in the country.

While working as a prostitute in private is not considered an offence in the London, United Kingdom, and neither is delivering services as an outcall London escort from a reputed London escort agency in the UK. Moreover, it is also not considered illegal for the prostitutes to sell sexual services at some brothel given the fact that prostitutes are not involved in control or management of the brothel. However, in the United Kingdom, street prostitution is considered as illegal. In addition to this, child prostitution is also considered as illegal, and any brothel or individual found involved in human trafficking, or forced prostitution is condemned to be punishable by law in the country.

1st Day Experiences Shared by 5 Escorts

While most of us tend to experience escorts through TV shows or experiences shared by other clients, today we thought of turning the tables around. We spoke to five escorts, and here, we are sharing their personal first-day experiences with the clients.

Our” First Time

I started delivering massage services while I was quite young. I was working at a brand-new escort agency, and it was my first day of “work.” For my first day, I arrived early to work, and just one young man arrived at the agency. It was the “first time” experience for the guy as well. This made it a lot easier for both of us. While both of us were quite nervous, we seemed to be comforting each other.

Frustrated couple arguing and having marriage problems

The guy was really nice, and we chatted on a friendly note as I showered him. We started off the service with a hot, sensual massage. It was a hot summer day and no fans in the room. While it was fine in the beginning, the warmth of the massage eventually started getting on us and soon, we were both immensely hot & sticky. As we finished off, we were dripping with sweat –looking quite grim and messy. Thankfully, both of us enjoyed it. While he went for another shower, I looked at myself in the mirror with all my make-up drooling down my face. A fun-filled “first-time” experience it was for me!

A Beginning with a Funeral

Religion, death and dolor – couple at funeral holding hands consoling each other in view of the loss

My first day –well, I was asked to join in a funeral. My client was not comfortable in telling his family that he was gay until his will was read, and thus, I ended up in the funeral. Being a single mother, I never used to sleep with my clients. This is the reason why I did not earn as much as other girls in my company did. If I would not have been a single mother, I would have definitely enjoyed being an escort while earning more money.

Enjoying My Work While Doubling My Money

I belong to a small town, and after losing both my parents, I left the town as my foster parents asked me to leave their house when I turned 17. I took all the money I had (merely 12 dollars to my name) and left the town to hit a big city. I was young and naïve and was desperately looking for some work to earn money. I ended up finalizing a job in 2008 on Craigslist that required a woman delivering massages with no experience required and payments done daily. Initially, I worked there without touching the genitals of my clients. But soon, I realized that I could double my income by doing so. I started doing so, and my clients were quite impressed by my looks as well as massage services.

Sensual moment. Young lovely office couple is busy with holding each other in passionate way.

Soon, I started earning great, and some of my regular clients were C-list celebrities, cops, athletes, and even old men. Today, I am working part-time and go to a full-time school. I have my own house and a car with its loan paid off. Entering into the escort industry has never been traumatizing for me, and I have become more confident doing my job as a professional escort.

A Rehabilitating Experience while Being an Escort

I was 19 and going through a bad phase of life –basically self-hating myself and doing drugs. I came upon this ad on Craigslist asking for sex in turn for money. I quickly applied for the same as the location on the job listing was at an exclusive landmark in the city. As I came to the place, the man started questioning me about why I was there and what I looked forward to. Soon, I realized that the man was a ‘pimp’ and ran an escort agency. He told me that he was delighted to have me on board, and I was happy working there.

Closeup on syringe spoon and lighter and drug addict young woman sitting in kitchen

Soon enough, I ended up dating the man. One day, he saw me over-dosing on heroin and took me to a rehabilitation center. He took good care of me for days and didn’t want me to return to the agency after rehabilitation. As I was too young, I thought of going independent. I soon joined a local escort massage center and went on for six years going clean. Soon after, I got married. Though I miss it sometimes, but my real happiness lies in being loved in the current moment.

Tinder Turned Escort

I was on Tinder for a few months and ended up chatting with a guy. We were just chatting casually –nothing overtly sexual. He was quite bummed about the upcoming sister’s wedding and was furious about not having dated for a while. He even jokingly said that he would love to pay someone just to be with him. While we talked more, I realized that the guy was really sweet. So, I agreed to go to his sister’s wedding along with him.

He paid for my Uber rides and even paid for my dress at the wedding. As I met him at the wedding reception, we acted like we were dating each other. Having a great time together, we did nothing sexual except for holding hands and stealing a few kisses here & there. As the party ended, he asked me to accompany him to his home. But I declined respectfully. In the end, he gave me $200 for the experience.

1st Day Experiences Shared by Prostitutes

Getting Cocaine Up My Vagina

Going through a mental problem and dealing with drugs, I ended up being thrown out of my rented apartment as I had not paid the rent. I went to a club and came across a dealer who offered me a deal of getting paid for a night. This is how my first night into a brothel took place. In desperate need for money, I did not care for anything. I got £200 for one night from a client. Soon enough, I got used to working at a brothel.

Most of my clients were between the age of 25 and 55 years. While some clients were gentle, there were others who were highly aggressive. There was this guy who would take 15 grams of cocaine for several hours. As he pushed his hands into my vagina, his hands were covered in cocaine. So, I ended up taking more through the route, and I overdosed on cocaine. Suddenly, I started feeling sick, and it was a horrible experience.

No Fun Sex Ever

The first car that pulled up on my sight was driven by a young, shy man who was in his early 20s. While he was attractive, he was disrespectful in his own manner. I hadn’t met my boyfriend in several months, and I realized that I was missing the sexual intimacy. Looking forward to an intimate experience with this man, I ended up in his car. He took out his condom and did it all over too soon. Later on, he took out his wallet and asked me the payment. It was the first time I realized that in prostitution, there is no fun sex ever!

Naïve & Nervous

I was always apprehensive of meeting old clients during my encounter. So I used to meet my clients at a coffee shop. Initially, my rates were too low as I was quite new to the industry. There are several clients who like to get off to a naïve girl in the industry. They actually enjoy it when you are nervous and are not aware of what you are doing.

I would Stare at the Ceiling for Hours

As a teenager, while working at a salon, an attractive woman came up to me and offered me a high-paying job in Europe. As I needed money at that point to support my family, I took the offer. In the official documents, my name was different, but I was too much into earning money than to pay attention to the odd instance.

While living at her place, one day, the lady came to me and said that they had spent too much money on me and now I needed to work in her business –prostitution. Every day, several men would come into my room. The only escape I found was through my mind. I would keep staring at the ceiling for hours.

25 Years Into Prostitution

I became a prostitute during the early 1970s. While I was dragged onto the streets to work as a prostitute, I later on dedicated my life to ensure that other young girls do not fall into this trap. I lived with my grandmother, and as I reached 14, she asked me to being money home. I had a single option to support my family –prostitution. I wore shiny clothes and applied lipstick to show men that I was older. The men knew that I was young and this mere fact made them excited. My grandmother was happy that I was bringing home money.

As my experiences with men grew, they became more violent and intolerable. Some of them would whip me or put me into trunks for hours. They would take me to cornfields and rape me for hours. I gave 25 years of my life into prostitution and just wish that young girls do not have to go through the same.


While there is a lot of debate as well as confusion between escorting and prostitution, most men out there considered these two to be similar. It is not so! Prostitution, in most cases, tends to be forced, and is therefore, illegal in most parts of the world. On the other hand, escorting is legal on many grounds and is looked forward to by women delivering intimate services –all across the globe. Escorts are highly professional and join an escort agency upon their will. There is no imposition as they are not forced into the escort industry.On the other hand, prostitutes are mostly forced into the industry and it is their condition to earn while being a prostitute.

If you are a client and wish to get involved in an intimate experience with a hot, seductive girl by your side, the experts recommend that you should look forward to hiring a professional escort from a reputed escort agency or an Independent Escort in London, United Kingdom. While hiring escorts from a professional escort agency, you can be assured of the fact that there is no legal issue in terms of accepting the services. Moreover, you can also be assured of your confidentiality as all your personal information is kept discrete by the escort agencies. You also get to select the call girl of your choice from a reputed escort agency by going through the gallery of girls. Make the most of your time!

7 responses to “Prostitution and Escorting in the UK”

  1. The very first thing is…. who-ever wrote this information, is just too cool and helpful for those who always taking escorts in a very wrong ways…. So Thanks JFM

    As i can see here, few escorts have shared the experiences of their own and i also would like to share mine….

    Hi I am a professional escort in Australia slept with over 10,000 men, and I just want to share my knowledge and empowering younger escorts especially to who disheartened, bitter, broken and financially struggling. My experience is more about being financially successful with the help of this career.

    In the middle of my career I also thought that prostitution & escorts don’t make any difference…. but after few time what I found is completely wrong I am…..yes there is a thin line between both…..

    With years of experience, I can say that it’s not true that men are only interested in younger women…. or he always wants to fulfil his sexual desires only…

    I personally had many clients who want someone they can have a proper conversation and connection with.

    I really would like to encourage those women who’re not comfortable with to please men and earn money.

    There is years of gap between Prostitution & escorting in 2019…. and this is the right time to let everybody understand this…


  2. Hello, my name is Jooli and I am in this escort industry since 8 years and there are several things I like to share about the difference between escorts and prostitutes. As per my experience, escorts are more expensive, friendly and educated and stylish. While booking or hiring an escort, there is no mention about any sex acts. There is only time frame and money involved. What will happen between you and an escort, no one knows about it. Is it sex or you are going out with her on a dinner date or any other occasion, it will depend upon your mutual understanding. Another major difference is that the sex worker may not take any precautions and they could spread sexually transmitted diseases. The escort may not even offer sex, but he or she will usually avoid this action by engaging in some form of safe sex.

    There is another difference in legal terms which is not mentioned in the above blog is that the individual who charged with involvement in prostitution or escorting need to hire a legal practitioner to defend her/his against criminal charges. Her/his lawyer will need to explain the difference and how the accused was not part of a sex crime in the state or that the evidence is invalid in some manner.

    This is what I liked to share.


  3. Lack of information can ruin or change your mindset towards any individual. My college friends used to tell me the stories about an escort, like how and where they met? How does escort look in real life? Obviously, like other ordinary girls but their stories scared me when they told me that there is no difference between prostitute and escort. Escorts are not highly professional. They are rude and abuse every time. Sometimes they blackmail their clients if you are not doing according to their wills. Bla. Bla. Bla. Until my office colleague introduced me to a beautiful girl at his house party. We had a good time until she told me that her profession is an escort. Her words left me flabbergasted. She smiled and suggested not to surprise. I asked her in low volume, ‘Tell me the difference between prostitute and escort.’ She answered. Escorts are entertainers or companion whom you hire for her services instead of having sexual activities merely. Whereas, a prostitute is wholly involved in sexual activities. Does that make sense? I hope you will not consider me a prostitute anymore. We laughed together 🙂

    So, I can relate this blog with my personal story, which helps me to understand the difference between escort and prostitute.

    Anyway, it was nice to have such detailed information. Good job and thank you.

  4. OMG this is what i am always looking for… being a blogger of adult industry in UK, I am always content hungry.. I have done big researches for the same topic

    What I observed  is Escorts & prostitute have many differences and i can say that with my personal experiences with both of them 😉
    Yes here i would like to share something very important  thing you should also know while go for an escort or prostitute. “The hygiene Factor ” Escorts are generally services in luxury hotel s and rooms, ride on luxury cars much for fun. They get the best place to work, but on the other hand Prostitutes often have to stand in the streets or “red light areas” for long hours to find their clients and believe me  they are too un-hygienic…. and I really mean it

    According to me That Hygiene factor is the most common as well as big difference between both.

  5. HI Everyone! First of all, a big thanks to JFM. Allen Steve here, having around 6 years of experience in research & development. I am also researching on escorts & prostitutes. I have found all the relevant info about escorting & prostitution in a single writeup. Last week, I got a chance to meet a prostitute who spends her around 10 years of her life in prostitution. I put a question – “What is illegal in Prostitution?”. She simply answered that – Tender and acceptance of sex for money is illegal. I said, What……….? But how? Can you please explain it? She said, agreeing & paying for oral sex, masturbation, and naked cuddling all these activities are count in the term of illegal. So, you are also doing the same. She said yes, I will do it for “money”. I have noted this point in my research work.

  6. I read your blog, I feel that your information is so peaceful, I like it…:).

    I think it is not an easy question to answer for me because of different definitions, but as my thought, I will try for an explanation.

    Be seen technically, Escort is a companion, and she is getting a reward for her moment spent with a client. This tip is in the form of a ” donation.” The client agrees to pay a donation for an agreed-upon amount of time. No mention of sex, a price for specific sex acts for or discussed. It is all about time. What happens between two consenting adults during that time is between the two consenting adults as long as money for sex or a particular sex act is not a part of the conversation.

    A prostitute is someone who charges pay for sex. And I add this to the prostitute meaning, who is also, or usually a streetwalker, who shows herself by wearing sexually representative clothing.

    Now everyone knows that Escorts are accrediting for sex, but use the above explanation to try and protect themselves from arrest.

    In my experience, Escorts are more elegant, cleanser, instructed, more peaceful, more expensive, but well worth it, in comparison with Prostitutes.

  7. I read so many stuff on internet related to escorting and prostitution but i think this one is more accurate and informative. Before reading this, I was thinking that both Prostitution and Escorting are same but i was wrong. Now i must say there are loads of differences.

    In my opinion the major difference is that “sex workers are poor women, undocumented migrants, people of colour, culture and region while escorts are more professional and they do escorting to earn extra money so that they can live a luxurious life”.

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