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What kind of woman would choose to be a professional high class escort and have sex with strangers for money’ Well, me for a start. But let me expand on that a little. Women who shag for cash do not just come in one variety. They are as varied as the people in any job or industry and to expect anything other than that is just naivete, prejudice or some combination of the two. I have no experience of working with street walkers or with the girls who work in massage parlours, so I can not speak about them. But lots of my friends peers and colleagues work in brothels (in Spain they call them houses) and in lap dancing and gentlemen’s clubs. They basically use those as advertising or promotional channels to generate clients for their work as escorts. But the majority work through escort agencies because that means they can have the clients screened and checked and get better clients.

So, what kind of woman chooses to work as a sex worker? Well, I am wary of generalisations but there are certainly some common factors. And they are not what you would expect. The first is the desire to make money, of course. Most people are not willing to really put themselves out to male serious money. They do not actually want money, they are really just expressing a preference for making money. Girls who choose to work as a woman who escorts Las Palmas clients are, by definition, willing to put making money ahead of convenience or social approval. An openness about sex is nice but not essential. I know lots of very successful girls who are quite prudish in their personal lives but offer any and all services to clients. Desire for money again, I suppose.

The majority of escort girls who are successful are also very hard working. It is not easy to see clients at short notice at all times of the day and night, keep fit, get your hair, nails and make up done and be charming and alluring no matter what has been going on in your life. Other than that, I am honestly at a loss to make any generalisations. Hookers are individuals just like everyone else.

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