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A High Profile Escort Answers Your Questions

In an interview with Courtesan Ellie, an elite independent escort in London, it is helpful to know how she is known as one of the high-class escorts in the capital city. If you wish to know about London escort services, then it is advisable to read this blog to learn what it takes to be a highly paid-escort. Ellie goes to great lengths to ask questions to be a successful companion, exploring her daily interactions and bringing out the intriguing world of the British escort London industry.

Despite people’s interaction with the type of escort services, she gets it just a well-maintained business that means to accompany at the big fat events or other city travel. Also, rather than a casual or one-night stand, she believes in a cordial relationship. She will always become the first choice among like-minded clients and cultured societies.

Here at this blog, to make this interview interesting, it appeals to you to read it to see how she is elite at her escort job and the richest of many yet upright clients.

Q.1 Can you help us know how you choose to be a British escort in London?

Ellie: From the beginning, I was inclined to meet new people and share valuable moments with them. To make this possible, I believed the London escort industry was fine. Although I would consider joining any escort agency, I felt good being an independent escort in London.

Q.2 What type of clients do you have?

Ellie: My clients are businessmen and professionals who frequently visit other cities/countries for business needs. As a result, I have traveled to almost every city in England to escort them on business trips. So, it is generally true that my income increases handsomely every year.

Q.3 Do you face any moral issues in your life?

Ellie: First, I need to know who asks such questions. Usually, an escort is hired to accompany them at social events or business meetings; it does not take any activity that makes her unfit for society. So there is No Worry for me, as I am usually hired by cultured societies for their societal events (birthday parties, marriages, cultural shows, and so on).

Q.4 Do you have any qualms about your job?

Ellie: Not at all. Being an escort comes with many opportunities to earn more and live a life of dreams. With many queries to give you money with the joy of your type, it depends on your mood to execute. If you think you are busy or unable to take it, you can say ‘No.’ No one will force you to work, as the pressure of work seems almost at every job.

Q.5 What is the turning point you know is important in your escort job?

Ellie:- Before 2-3 years, I was in Gatwick to accompany a businessman. He was alone on his business trip, thinking of making a lasting impact on the corporate function. So it was done beautifully at my company; I took the attention of all of us and made them interested in talking with us. At last, he called me in a few words: you are completely a real party time escort. Yes, I can never forget your company, but to find a way to come here and book you for sessions to moments of a lifetime.

Q 6 What was your biggest payday as an escort?

Ellie- My biggest payday was when I went on an outcall to a client's house in the Kensington area. The client was lovely, and he paid me over four thousand pounds for my time. I stayed with him for the whole day.

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